Copyright and Trademark

Companies spend thousands of dollars developing logos, catch phrases, and names for their products.  Through copyright and trademark registration, U.S. law protects owners of creative works from unauthorized use of their works and from liability and guarantees rights that are not otherwise available without registration.

Kessia has the knowledge and experience that is required to assess whether your mark would infringe upon another company’s rights, and to submit your copyright or trademark application before the USPTO or USCO.

Other advantages to trademark and copyright registration include:

  • Protection against the registration of similar and confusing marks by competitors
  • Recovery of attorney’s fees in certain infringement cases
  • Increasing of value to the company since intellectual property is considered intangible asset and contributes to goodwill and brand recognition.

Kessia is also very passionate about arts.  If you are an author, musician or artist, she would be happy to help you with the steps that are needed to protect your creative work.

Please feel free to contact Kessia at or (614)371-4183 for a consultation.